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Mar 27, 2021

Can you reflect on any biases that you may have? What are some stereotypes you have in your mind?

Do you think your audience, or some of your stakeholders have a bias towards you or your event?
Some preconceived or pre-set ideas about you and your event?

Are these biases having a positive influence?
A negative...

Mar 23, 2021

How can you position your event as being popular?
How can you be seen as THE place to be?

Can you use scarcity or exclusivity?

What is remark-able about your event?
What do, or will, they talk about?

What is interesting about your event?
Where are the stories?

What are you known for?
What could you be famous for?


Mar 9, 2021

The Right Experiences?

Can you list 5 functional moments in your event experience? (Or an event you attended recently)

Can you list 5 memorable moments? Or that people have shared or talked about afterward?

Can you list 5 moments which are transformational, that influence what people think or do?

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Mar 8, 2021

How can you make your event more inter-active?

How can people be more actively involved in the experience?

Across the whole event?
In specific moments? Can you identify some moments that could be more interactive?

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Mar 6, 2021

What influence can you event have right now? And in who?
Before or during your event?

What influence can it have after your event?
In your audience's interests? Their thoughts or actions? Their beliefs? Their lifestyles?

What momentum can you ignite? What movement could you create?

What will people think during your...