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Mar 1, 2020

It’s a massively interesting Event Show this week where we go wide and deep around the global sports events industry! 

Many of you will know of Hans Westerbeek or will have read his work, with Hans having played a significant role in the education of many in our industry.

We focus heavily on influence in this show, where we go global and local, from elite to grassroots and around the sports event ecosystem, unpacking the opportunities and responsibilities for sport and event providers. 

From the need for visionary leadership, the role of money through to the digital transformation that most of our organisations are going through. We examine the need for integrity, changing mindsets, to the role of AI and Climate Change, of data being the new oil, and how we must be gaining meaningful intelligence to guide our passion in sport. 

Hans gives us many global and local observations from Real Madrid through to the current T20 World Cup, and as diverse as the Dutch Walking Society and the McGraw Foundation. So many important insights, taken from his global perspective as an academic and practitioner.

We hope you enjoy the show, hopefully giving you some valuable insights to walk away with. And please do share it if you do!