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Jun 9, 2020

The Event Show is focused on the big topics that we need to be considering, speaking with influential leaders, sharing ideas and important insights. So this series is unpacking the issues we are facing, and the things we need to be keeping in front of mind.

I am excited to share this discussion with Dr Sheila Nguyen, a leading expert in sustainability who has been leading the way with her work with the Sports Environment Alliance.

It's a pleasure to speak with people who are passionate about important things, and Dr Sheila is one of those people. Please join our chat, and we hope you walk away with thoughts to use in your work.

One of the recurring themes, when I speak with event leaders and thinkers across our industry, is the need to be aware of the influence we are having on the environment, and what influence the environment will have on us.

So we hope you enjoy the show, and if we can help you design, or re-design your events, please let us know!

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