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Mar 22, 2020

‘Unprecedented’ is the word right now, and as the Event Show is about giving a voice to event people, we’ve reached out to some leaders in our industry, to hear how they and their teams are feeling, in what has been a shocking week for our industry.

This show has been an attempt to take stock, share some perspectives from our peers, with a view to offering some sort of support to us all.

You will hear from people who have been on the front line of it all, including Matt Bisset from Register Now, normally known for helping us register hundreds of thousands of participants, but now helping many of us navigate through cancellations and refunds this past week.

We also get a valuable insight on insurance matters, from Stu Hartley of EventCover, who offers us an update on where many are at, and some important advice to us all.

As does Geordie Miles from Spark Event Group, who represents the voice of many in our industry as a business owner, and one of our largest workforce suppliers in Event Workforce Group.

We then reach out to Chris Robb, who has been a leader in our industry, often specifically in dealing with risks, and the adversity that we face in challenging times. 

So we hope this Show gives you some support in your lives at this time.

Our next Show will be looking ahead at solutions, so please tune in to learn of some of the opportunities that may be out there for us all right now!