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May 14, 2021

Over on our 'Sport Experience' show we speaking with some of the world’s leading experts, giving us some inspiration and relevant information to use in designing experiences that will capture the hearts and minds of our audiences.

So we thought we would share this conversation here on the Event Show, as it was invaluable talking to James Wallman, founder of the incredible World Experience Organisation (WXO), plus a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and futurist exploring all there is around the role, and value of experiences in our lives.

James works with some big brands, advises governments, and so this is a great opportunity for us to tap into his knowledge of how experiences influence our lives.

I hope you can walk away with some brilliant tips or thought-providing thought starters... as to how we can design EVEN MORE influential experiences within our events (and perhaps how you can use this in your life!).

We do hope this chat helps you create more valuable and meaningful experiences.

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