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Feb 17, 2020

The Event Show is back - with Tom Mottram from the Australian Grand Prix Corporation!

It’s a great chat, whether you are starting out or looking at your next steps, its interesting to learn about Tom’s path to the role he is in today, and where he gets his inspiration from.

We are taking an 'Experience Design' theme to the current Series, and Tom gives a great insight into how this process is helping elevate each fan's experience, and at the same time helping to bring the team together behind the scenes.

We look at how Melbourne's F1 rates in comparison to other global events, and how it will evolve to retain it's status as one of the Top 3 most attended events on the circuit. 

We also delve into how Tom & his team are looking to lead the way, even in some areas you may not expect. 

As with each event there are challenges but Tom shares his approach to seeing these as opportunities, including the mindset the AGPC looks for across its’ team. 

We also hear about how the AGPC are ensuring there are no ‘hidden secrets', with a focus on 'the fundamentals', and, what we can all look forward to at the 25th Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

It’s a great chat, and we hope you enjoy the show.