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Nov 18, 2018

This show is a ripper.

Despite failing in his quest to ‘become the next big thing’, Tim Wood has kind of done ok!

A career with Nike, McDonalds, Mattel, et al has led him to become a fantastic advisor to event people wanting to connect with brands like these.

Having worked with Tim, we knew he knew his stuff, and had a lot of insights to offer people like us. We also knew Tim understands the value of a great story, and always has some fun sharing it.

So tune in, this show will help you get on your way to more partnerships, and maybe a few laughs...

As Amanda describes it, ‘this one is so inspiring, an absolute hit and the reason we do this show’.


And if you do enjoy it please share the word. This show is for people like us, so please pass it on.

If we can help you create more success in events, for you or your team, let us know!