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Mar 16, 2020

This Event Show explores the success of another record-breaking Australian Open!

As an inspiring emerging leader in our industry TA 'Head of Experiences', Shannon Davis takes us through how the Open has been ‘designing with heart’, and evolved from Tennis Tournament to Lifestyle Experience.

The Event Show is also all about hearing the stories of our people, and Shannon’s journey has been an interesting one, from San Diego, to across Europe and into Melbourne Park, along with the shift from Project Manager to 'provider of joyful experiences'.

So please listen in for an intriguing insight into the role of an experience designer in events, the art, science and magic of it all. We explore so much in this chat, from the change in the nature of our work, to the specific strategies, and mindsets, that Shannon and her team have taken as they have led the evolution of the Open, and arguably, our industry.

As the podcast is all about giving a voice to our industry, so in this challenging time, we think it’s important to reflect on our achievements, to hear from each other, and to keep looking ahead to what we all can achieve in the future.

We hope you gain some insights to take away and work with, and we hope you enjoy the chat.