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May 21, 2022

Welcome to this new series of the Event Show we are lucky to speak with leaders in the world of major events, as we enter an exciting window of opportunity across our industry. The purpose of the show is to give a voice to our industry, to hear from influential leaders as to how they are going about their work, and so we can take things away and apply it in our world.

So in this chat, I’m joined by a popular figure in our industry, who has been heavily involved in an event most of us will know. 

Karen Clydesdale is 'Head of Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management’ at Tennis Australia, leading a team that has been producing amazing things at the Australian Open, and also across the many events and experiences that they provide.

This is an extremely interesting chat as Karen has been leading the way with many new ways of working, how experiences are designed and delivered, and how to keep evolving what they do. 

We cover the importance of ‘the experience’, and having a very strong vision, strategic pillars and guiding principles to guide what you are focusing on.

We also talk about the ongoing evolution of the Aus Open, in providing experiences for different groups of people, the customers, the fans/patrons, the players, participants, and partners, and also the workforce - and why that is important.

We even touch on all the levels of value, for before, during and after an event, with the critical physical and digital interactions.

We also learn how Karen’s team measure progress and applies the insights from these measures. 

We also hear some of Karen's valuable personal experiences, including some really practical and important tips and tricks we can all use!

So there is so much to take away from this chat, from a strategic level, through to the day-to-day ways of working.

Karen has a wealth of experience and is using that to make a real difference in the experiences she provides.

We do hope you enjoy the Show, and as always please drop me a line at to see if I can help you with the design or redesign of your event experiences, or in developing the strategy that will make your event, the most valuable experience it can be, for your audiences, and for you.

But for now please enjoy this special show, with the amazing Karen Clydesdale from Tennis Australia…

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