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Apr 6, 2020

It’s a virus-free 'Event Show' this time, with the purpose of igniting your thinking during the shutdown phase, and some ideas to help you relaunch your role in our new event world.

This chat is with Ben Muldoon whom I sat down 'pre CV' to explore his observations, and as a central hub in the world of events, Ben offers plenty of thoughts for you to walk away with.

From experiences with global event leader IMG, to the rise of Tough Mudder, and now at the hub of our industry with Register Now, he tunes in to the many things happening across our industry.

Ben has observed some of the common features of events that are succeeding, and how hustling and collaboration as the way to get results. We hear about what is driving our audiences, the trends in our industry, and the things that we need to be focusing on. The role of data, sustainability, technology and storytelling, and how Ben’s team are leading the way – with some specific opportunities that you may want to tap into.

We continue to focus on ‘Experience Design’ with this series, giving you new ways of innovating - a critical skill we all need right now.

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