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Apr 7, 2022

Welcome to this special Event Show which is a bit of a comeback special, almost two years to the day that we did a coronavirus special to support each other as our industry was shut down, in those weeks that the likes in the Grand Prix were cancelled, today the Grand Prix is back stronger than ever, as our many events across Australia.

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, and while the opportunities are back, there are as always some scenarios to be particularly conscious of, and be thinking about. And as I was recently asked by our friends and colleagues in New Zealand to share our experiences as events remerged in Australia, so that our Kiwi friends, and those around Australia and other parts of the world might benefit from some of the observations we’ve seen and have experiences over the past couple of months - and perhaps to give you the benefit of foresight, we wanted to share what we’ve seen occur, and what may be coming your way.

So in this chat I’m joined by Geordie Miles from Spark Event Group, Georgie Stayches from Fetching Events and Communications, and Ben Muldoon from Race Roster, and around 100 guests, who all gave us their interesting and diverse perspectives on what they’ve seen, and what we might all be looking out for.

I do hope you enjoy the Show, and can take something away to use in your work, and as always please drop me a line at if I can help you with the design or relaunch of your event experiences, or in developing the event strategy to make your come back, the best comeback it can be.

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And good luck with your own comeback!