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Apr 30, 2021

Welcome to the Sport Experience show - where we are speaking with world-leading experts in the world of sport and active experiences, sharing their ideas and giving you some inspiration and meaningful info to walk away with and use in your work.

This new series is exploring the influence of the experiences we provide, as I think we all agree that the experiences we provide have a major influence on people, and ultimately determine whether we are successful in our work.

And so… I am super excited to share this discussion I had with... Mat Johnson, who is without doubt one of the leading thinkers I have had the pleasure of working with, and pioneered the design and oversaw the delivery of some of the most influential global ‘live experience’ campaigns in recent times.

Now based in the US, Mat spent 20 or so years leading the development of NIKE events and active experiences, driving amazing experiences and value for their consumers, and also the brand behind them, MJ has a lot for us to learn from.

It was really fascinating to unpack what went on, and why he approaches the work with the passion that he does. And I’ve got to say, this a really valuable chat on so many levels… so, sooo much to take away from this show... giving us all something important to things think about. I do hope you enjoy this chat with MJ!

And if you want to reach out as you design - or redesign and rebuild your fan or participant experiences, I’d love to hear what your creating. Just drop me a line at andrew @ or check out +