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Jul 27, 2020

This Event Show LIVE focused on innovation in event experiences & new ways of looking at our industry!

A huge thanks to those that joined us, and to...

+ Sean Callanan, from SportsGeek
+ Jeremy Francis, from MKTG
+ Andy van Bergen from Everesting, and CyclingTips

... who all shared their valuable personal perspectives and specific examples that we can learn from, and also, some first principles and mindsets that can be translated and applied by any event professional, in all event experiences.

This is a really interesting chat if your looking for inspiration in your role, or to understand the approaches to designing event experiences that are winning in today's world.

There were a few connection challenges... but we worked through it and had a great discussion, so we do hope you can tune in and walk away with valuable thoughts to use in your work.

You can view it all here...

Plus to follow or learn more each of our panel please touch base and follow their work at:

- +

And to talk more about designing and rebuilding your events and programs please touch base at