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Dec 6, 2020

We’ve been lucky to hear from so many innovative thinkers since the first LIVE Event Show in March, and our last show for 2020 focused on another important topic - 'the role of technology in returning to events'.

So please tune in and thanks to…

Alex Grant from INTIX who shared some great insights as to how technology can be leveraged to us assist us in delivering our events.

Sophie Hamdorf from Register Now who also shared some excellent strategies and valuable tips on how to engage our audiences

Stephen Goss Founder of Sentry + LEV8 Safety & Compliance Software who shared his vast experience in developing systems that allow us to achieve it all in a COVID "Sensible way".

So please check out the replay, and I’m sure will enjoy this one if you like to explore the role of technology in our work, or to understand the opportunities more.

You can view it all here and please do share with anyone you think may find these learnings valuable to apply in their work >

Thanks to everyone tuning in and all those who have contributed so much across the series!

++ for free access to the new 'Experience Design for Events' content please jump in here!