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Nov 11, 2020

This Event Show LIVE session shared some success stories of major events remerging, and as our lived experiences provide the richest learnings and when the lessons are shared they become even more valuable, so I was thankful to learn from the experiences of some of those who have been leading the way within our event industry.

So please tune in and thanks to…

+ Todd Harris CEO at Stadiums Queensland whose team have been hosting some of the first major events post COVID

+ Lindy Murphy who helped deliver the Super Netball League Ltd from within a hub

+ Brendon Downey from the Event Crew – who has delivered some of our first post-COVID mass participation events in recent weeks

Their experiences may be very valuable to apply in your work, and our panel provided some practical lessons and personal experiences from which I think we can all learn from.

Please do share with anyone you think may find these learnings valuable to apply in their work >

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