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Sep 7, 2020

This Event Show Live session gave a voice to the foundations of our event industry, the many hundreds of service providers, sharing what they do when we are able to bring people together, and, what they are doing when we can’t.

Understandably everyone has their own unique story and personal challenges right now, but it was great to hear some valuable insights and examples of the work they’ve been doing.

So please tune in to hear the thoughts of...
+ Sam Goodwin, MD at CSM Sport & Entertainment in Australia
+ Sophie Hamdorf, Brand & Marketing Advisor at Register Now
+ David Smith, Project Director from APP & Site Manager at the Australian Grand Prix

- all of who have all been successfully navigating their clients and teams through this challenging phase.

Our panel shared some really useful lessons we hope you can use, so please jump in to understand how we can all rebuild or reignite our events successfully, and to have success again as event people.

Thanks to those that could join us, or thanks for listening in, and you can also view it all here >

+ to view the Series please visit >>>