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Jun 29, 2020

Our current Event Show podcast series is exploring new ways to design experiences, so I’m super excited to share this discussion I had with the Yellow Tux guy, aka Jesse Cole, Founder of the Savanna Bananas and Fans First Entertainment.

Jesse is a brilliant guest for many reasons, he has been achieving some amazing things, attracting millions of fans, creating an award-winning and inspired team, and now owns one of America’s fastest-growing businesses.

So I think this a really valuable chat on many levels giving us all something important to things think about, as you look to design, or redesign your event experiences.  

And to me, if there is one thing that stands out from Jesse’s brilliant mantras, is the belief that I share, in that what we do is all about how we make people feel.

The EXPERIENCE we provide to our people, fans, participants, sponsors, or our team and everyone behind the scenes, is what will determine how successful you are, and, what you get back from your work. 

So, soooo much to take away from this show... I do hope you enjoy this chat with Jesse.

For more info on Jesse, check out & his Business Done Differently podcast.

Big thanks for Gary Bertwistle at for hooking us up!

And, as you rebuild your Sports Fan or Participant experiences, please touch base at