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May 17, 2020

Event Design is critical right now, as we all look to create or re-create our event experiences. And while there is a lot of creativity in event people, it is surprising how few tools and techniques are shared that we can use to design our event experiences.

So it was brilliant to speak with a world leader in Event Design, Roel Frissen, about the Event Design Handbook and the Canvas, which has been bought and downloaded by thousands globally across our industry.

Over recent times we've been exploring the leading approaches to use from our world of events, and across other worlds, and this merging of Design Thinking and Experience Design will help you lead the way in your work.

The Event Design Handbook can change the way you think about how events, and shows the way to re-design your world on just one sheet of paper using the EventCanvas.

If your looking to get ahead and reemerge as a more influential event professional, or to design new innovative experiences, this show is for you.

Please tune in to hear how you can be creating more successful events, and having more success as an event professional!

We hope you enjoy the show, please do check out for everything on the Event Design Collective - and if you need any help designing your experiences, please do let us know at